Special Person Development Association  is a Non - Governmental, non- Political Organization, working for the welfare of the Disabled people.

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What is SPDA?
SPDA stands for Special Person Development Association, which is a Non - governmental, non- political organization, working for the welfare of the Disabled people.

Who is The Founder of SPDA?
SPDA was established in 2003.At present permanent membership of SPDA is 270,and the number honorary member is 560.SPDA was founded by disabled people themselves for the enhancement of their rights and respect in the community. The association also has some honorary members who does not fall in the category of special person Similar kind of association is known as DPO (Disabled Person Organization) on the international level.

What are the motives behind the establishment of SPDA?
The basic purpose of the establishment of SPDA is to make the disable people of the society useful and beneficial for themselves and for the society at large. Some motives of the association are as under.
 1. To give them respect and recognition on govt. for the protection of their rights as the citizens of state and to   
    create a general awareness in the society about their rights.
 2. It will provide special people (Disabled People) with certificate and will register them with the social welfare depít.
 3. To provide the help special people in getting wheel chairs, tricycles, artificial limbs and sometimes to help them
    financially. The association will help them in getting financial assistance from the govt.
 4. The association will provide them legal aid in getting the Special people to be recruited in their allocated 2% quota
    in the govt. job in private job as well.
 5. Association will hold seminars, workshops classes and conferences for the uplifting of the special people in the
    society and to establish their entity in the community so that they shall be considered as integral part of the
    society and not as a dormant limb.........

SPDA is established with the view of equipping the disabled people  (Physically, visually hearing impaired and Intellectually handicap) of the society to make them useful, integral and Respectable member of society.  The plain of the association is to establish a center in the provincial headquarter, Peshawar where special people well get free of cost health facilities, free education, and will be armed with craftsmanship (Skill) which will help them in fighting against their disability and respectable life in the society. There is also a provision of hostel, dinning pick and drop facility in the program of SPDA.Totall Visits: 30012

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you can deposit charity in our account bearing No: 13522-0 National Bank of Pakistan.

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